Bizchut Leading Legislation


Bizchut is currently promoting, together with members of Knesset and partner organizations, 6 separate draft laws and amendments to existing laws.  Each one comprises a revolution in specific rights of persons with disabilities.

  • Community-based supportive housing and personal assistance – this amendment to the Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities Law anchors the right of every person with a disability to live in the community and receive personalized assistance that enables independent living. Read the law here.
  • The ‘Dorner’ Law – a draft law that will replace the outdated Special Education Law with a new law based on recommendations made by the Dorner Committee. The law recognizes the right of every child with special needs to choose the type of school in which they study and receive a personal allowance to fund classroom assistance and other necessary supports.
  • Ombudsman – another amendment to the Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities Law that establishes an independent agency with the authority to supervise housing frameworks for persons with disabilities and act on complaints related to them.
  • Supported Decision-Making – promotion of an amendment to the Legal Capacity and Guardianship Law that will recognize supported decision-making as an alternative to guardianship.
  • Young People with Mental Health Problems – a draft law that anchors the right of children and youth with mental health problems to treatment and rehabilitation
  • Safe School Transportation – this law will, for the first time, establish safety standards for children with special needs who receive transportation to and from special education schools.

We are confident that the efforts invested in thorough research of each of these issues and inclusion of lessons learnt in the drafts will lead to fruitful discussions in the Knesset committees.